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At Amazing Siding and Windows we are committed to you and your home improvement projects just as if it were our own home we were working on.  We are excited about you allowing us to help you with your biggest investment—your home.  We understand that it’s the place where you and your family live, eat, sleep, play, grow, and make lasting memories.  It can be the place where you bring your newborn children; the place you stand in front of when the school bus picks your child up for the very first day of school; the place where you son’s basketball team comes and plays basketball in the driveway; where your child graduates high school; drives his or her first car away from the home on the way to college; where you celebrate weddings, and anniversaries.  All of these events and memories happen at home, so we understand that you want the exterior of your home to be the best scenic background you can make it!  We want it to be that way, too.  That’s why when you call us to do your exterior home remodel we commit to helping you make those lasting memories with the best quality products:

  • Amazing Siding’s Amazing Plank is the next generation of siding for your home.  Clad your home in this amazing product with even more bold colors to choose from, insulated with our Amazing Wall insulation which is GreenGuard certified for airflow and added energy efficiency and you’ll have not only the best back drop for life memories and events, but a product that is durable, and damage resistant.  Call our wonderful customer representatives at 816.800.9844 right now to find out more.
  • Infinity Windows by Marvin® are the best windows (link to Home navigation page and to About navigation page) you can install on your home.  They go beautifully with our Amazing Plank to make your home stand out in the neighborhood
  • Infinity Doors and exterior doors by Marvin round out your home’s transformation.  When you call us at 816.800.9844 our representatives will tell you all about these amazing door designs.

Amazing Siding of Kansas City - Services - WindowsAn excellent, superior-quality product fades into the background without excellent, superior-quality installation.  We get that, too.  That’s why when you choose the color siding, windows, doors, and insulation to transform your home, our expert craftsmen perform quality and superior workmanship to transform your home to what you wanted it to be and more.  In fact one service we provide is reassurance during the entire home improvement process from:

  • Design
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Financing
  • Servicing all products after the sale

So, when the dust clears and your home is completed, we don’t just go away, no.  We remain with you through our Amazing Siding Warranty, which is the strongest warranty in the business.  Take a look at it. You’re gonna love this:

When you purchase siding, you’re actually dealing with at least two entities-the manufacturers and the installing company. Most manufacturers’ warranties contain a clause that says that the manufacturer does not warrant installation or damage caused by improper installation. We’ve got you covered. And covered. We went to work with our manufacturer to come up with the industry’s first Life of the Structure Warranty. What this means to you is not only will our manufacturer put his 45 plus year reputation behind his product, but he has extended his coverage to include Amazing Siding’s installation as well. That’s right. Our Manufacturer warrants not only his product but the quality of our work as well, all in writing. The manufacturer even warrants against installation error. A manufacturer never covered this before.

Additionally, our installers are certified in Lead Safety through the Environmental Protection Agency and all of our installers are fully insured with General Liability and Workman Compensation insurance.  Rest Assured, your home improvement needs are in good hands.

To get the products, services, reassurance, and warranty that we provide just call us at 816.800.9844. Amazing Siding and Window is our name and home improvement is what we do.

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