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Vinyl siding, there’s a new kid on the block—Amazing Plank and it’s seamlessly taking the top spot in Kansas City and surrounding areas

Amazing Siding of Kansas City - Vinyl Siding - DemoVinyl siding is a plastic exterior siding for a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating wood clapboard, and used instead of other materials such as aluminum.  It is an engineered product, manufactured primarily from PVC resin with a small percentage of it being ingredients that impart color, impact resistance, flexibility, and durability. It is the most commonly installed exterior for new construction and exterior remodeling in the United States and Canada.  Also, since its introduction for home exteriors in the 1950s as a replacement for aluminum siding, vinyl siding grew steadily in popularity in large part due to its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance.  It was in the 1970s when the vinyl siding industry changed its formulation to improve the product’s production speed, impact resistance, and range of colors.

As reliable and affordable as vinyl siding became in previous generations, it only stands to reason that improvements continue to be introduced with respect to residential home exteriors.  And Amazing Siding in Kansas City, KS presents the next generation of exterior siding—Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding— the longest and strongest one piece insulated siding system. Amazing Plank is not made of vinyl.  It’s made of Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrolate.  It’s more ‘weatherable’ and much more thermally stable than vinyl. As a common component used in the manufacturing of automobiles, boat hulls, and street signs due to its extreme weatherability and UV protection, it is a great element to incorporate into exterior siding.

Amazing Siding of Kansas City - Vinyl SidingAmazing Plank is a unique blend of beauty and performance with fewer seams, bold colors and superior installation requirements. Amazing Plank’s unique engineering process allows for a stronger panel with a length that straightens and conceals any dips or contours on exterior walls. This incredible ability to smooth out flaws on a home combined with the authentic, beautiful appearance of freshly painted wood is sure to make any home the envy of the neighborhood!

All Amazing Plank colors incorporate acrylic all the way through the siding panel, ensuring that every one of the 22 vibrant color choices is consistent, durable, and fade resistant. Use of acrylic also makes it possible for Amazing Siding to be offered in bold colors that will add beauty and curb appeal to any home.

Amazing Plank’s distinctive formula also resists chipping, splintering and breaking. The ability to have a unique wood grain combined with these bold, fade resistant colors that never need repainting make it a must for every homeowner.  It’s the look of freshly painted wood, without the maintenance. A luxurious woodgrain not found on typical vinyl siding, gives Amazing Plank a distinct advantage over most vinyl products on the market.  To find out more about this next generation siding for your home’s exterior call us for pricing at 816.800.9844.  One of our knowledgeable and professional representatives will answer your questions about our product and assist you in making the change from traditional vinyl siding to Amazing Plank by Amazing Siding for the exterior of your home.

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